Dave Broom

Freelance journalist, author and teacher specialising in spirits

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the Moderator

Dave Broom is widely recognised as one of the top spirits writers in the UK. For over 25 years he has taught, written and talked about the subject of whisky.

Dave is excited about the continuing development of quality whiskies from around the world and is fascinated about the evolution of style from countries other than the five classic whisky nations. As he puts it, “the best of the recently established distilleries are creating new styles which reflect their culture, climate, serve and place. They appeal to a new generation who are approaching whisky without prejudice or preconceived ideas.”

The Forum

"Cotswolds Midsummer Whisk(e)y Conference"

The Event

Next Year's overall theme is World Whisk(e)y - 2020.  The World Whisky Forum 2018 gathered together knowledge and experience from USA, England, Finland, Taiwan, Canada, Ireland, Scotland and Japan for a friendly and open-minded conversation about the new horizon of manufacture and explain the greatness of whisky.

The 2017 Forum was an eye-opening experience...

Daniel Szor

The Venue