We want to build new bridges in the World of Whisky through knowledge exchange, networking and open mind thinking. We aim high and ask a lot: for the whisky business to join forces to develop the trade, the product and to push progress. Together!

The whisky business has a long history and there are a lot of do’s and don’ts. However, with new World Whisky entering the market and new technology and knowledge at hand, all whisky producers face another reality; traditional methods are being challenged, consumer demands are changing and local customs and experiences in new whisky markets affect the industry as a whole.

At the World Whisky Forum, we embrace this development. We want to seize the opportunity for progress and growth and we think this is best done together – taking all aspects into consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the World Whisky Forum?

A forum to share insights, thoughts and discussions into the possibilities and challenges the global whisky industry faces. This is where ideas are born, innovations presented and established truths are challenged.

What do you mean by World Whisky?

The whisky business is dominated by five major countries – Scotland, Ireland, USA, Canada and Japan. However, in the last 10-15 years a thriving and exciting industry has evolved in many other parts of the world – from Tasmania and Taiwan to Argentina and Sweden. Inspired by the established producers yet at the same time driven by curiosity and unafraid of innovations, we believe these new whisky makers will contribute greatly to the entire industry.

It´s not likely that ”World Whisky” will challenge the classic whisky countries in terms of volumes in the near future, but the diversity and the quality of their products have clearly impressed whisky enthusiasts around the world. And not only that – the audacity and unbiased manner in which these entrepreneurs take on the task of producing whisky has impressed the established companies, proven not least by several recent investments in craft distilleries around the world made by Diageo, Brown Forman, Kirin, W Grant and others.

Who are we targeting?

The World Whisky Forum is for everyone who wishes to develop and challenge the whisky business. We want you to share thoughts and experience from all perspectives.

How often is it arranged?

It is a recurring event that will take place every eighteen months.

What will happen in between the forums?

The international whisky festivals will work as checkpoints where we arrange smaller gatherings, panel discussions or live broadcast debates to follow up on what was discussed at the previous World Whisky Forum.

Who is behind the World Whisky Forum?

Jan Groth, Dave Broom and Ingvar Ronde are the initiators, but the forum will be developed together with some of the most experienced and outspoken whisky authorities.

What are you aiming for with the World Whisky Forum?

To unite the World of Whisky.

Unite the World of Whisky? Is that realistic?

It will of course take time, but in the long run we believe everyone will benefit from this. A parallel ambition for this first event is to create new contact points between whisky makers to promote creative development within the whisky business.

How will you unite the World of Whisky?

By creating a scene for the new wave of distilleries and whisky stakeholders around the world, who put innovation, rethinking and, of course, craftsmanship first.

Where and when is the next forum taking place?

The next forum will be held at the Westland Distillery, Seattle, Washington State, USA on 18th-20st February 2020.

How many will participate?

Approximately 12 individuals will present the programme and we have room for 60 in the audience.

How much does it cost to attend?

$1495 (ex VAT). This includes two days packed with insights, thoughts and discussion, 2 nights accommodation close to the distillery (and transport to it), lunches and refreshments on both days and a drinks reception and dinner on the 18th and 20th.