World Whisky Talk invites the Whisky World to Talk

The World Whisky Forum/Talk presses on, despite the second wave. We’re seeing a growing interest from the global whisky industry in sharing news and experiences of the challenges we’re all facing, both today and in the future.


One of the main hubs for meeting and greeting consumers and colleagues, the Whisky Show in London, recently managed to maintain interest and enthusiasm despite (or thanks to) the digital format, with excellent tastings and open rooms where we experienced an inclusive atmosphere.Although we all, of course, missed the physical meeting and sharing a pint after the show.


The World Whisky Forum, now represented by Zoe Rutherford, Dave Broom, Ingvar Ronde (new malt Whisky Yearbook recently released), and Jan Groth, are proud to launch the third Word Whisky Talk on October the 29th.

We will discuss the difficulties and challenges of hosting Festivals/Shows/Tastings, and we’ll also talk about what effect coronavirus has had, and will have in the future, on the role of brand ambassadors in the whisky industry.


October 29th, 6 pm GMT

World Whisky Talk 3: Communicating with Consumers During the Pandemic

Please join us on October 29th – to book your place, visit.